About Us

The International Preschool in Munich is a place where children are happy to participate and where they feel cared about and understood.


We offer an environment where children can discover the world around them and can develop their social skills.


We believe in:


  • promoting the emotional development of children in order to develop a strong sense of self-esteem.


  • employing a team of qualified and dedicated teachers who are trained to apply the best techniques in early-years education.


  • encouraging concentration, creativity, exploration and discovery.


  • creating a fun and playful environment for children to learn in while nurturing their natural curiosity.


  • developing a love for learning from the start.


Our Goals are to provide:


  • an imaginative curriculum that frees the creative spirit of each child.


  • a systematic and well-organised program of sensory and intellectual units of inquiry in order to maximise learning.


  • a focus on the emotional development in order to develop self-confidence.


  • an environment that promotes intercultural sensibility and an understanding and respect for children of all backgrounds and nationalities.


  • most importantly: a warm, loving and safe environment for each and every child that feels like (a second) home to them!


Our Management:

Salimeh Vahabzadeh

Owner and Managing Director

Dunja C. Tiebor

Business Manager


The International Preschool in Munich  I  Ludwig-Ganghofer-Str. 4  I  82031 Grünwald  I  Tel. +49 89 64943957  I  Email: info@internationalpreschoolmunich.com